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Welcome to Peace Life Yoga Nepal

At Peace Life Yoga Retreat, we offer a serene and tranquil environment in beautiful village Ghachok and Purunchaur which is in near Pokhara for yoga and meditation enthusiasts. Our experienced instructors provide classes for all levels, focusing on Hatha and Bhakti yoga. We also emphasize breathwork and yogic cleansing techniques to enhance your practice.

Meditation is an integral part of our retreats, helping you cultivate mindfulness and inner connection. We offer various meditation styles, including guided and mantra meditation. Our specialized retreats include silent retreats and detoxification programs, catering to deep introspection and rejuvenation.

Whether you join us for a drop-in class or a longer retreat, our warm and hospitable team welcomes you. We accommodate shorter stays and offer flexible durations according to your needs. At Peace Life Yoga Retreat, we are dedicated to providing a space for personal transformation and holistic well-being. Embark on this remarkable journey of self-discovery with us.

Our Popular Services

Peace life Yoga In Nepal

3. Yogic Cleaning and Stretching 2D/2N

Ayourvedic Massage

Reiki Healing